Adding Relationship Management to Identity  


Date: July 29, 2014 | Time: 8:00-9:00AM PDT



Eve Maler
VP Innovation and Emerging Technology, ForgeRock

Your business must be customer-focused to succeed today. Empowered buyers are demanding a whole new level of customer obsession and bring-your-own-everything. If you think your organization can stick with classic IT goals and metrics for identity and access management, the data tells us you’ve got another think coming. The security and customer experience challenges are multi-dimensional; to answer them you’ve got to get strategic about incorporating relationships and context into IAM, thus shifting into Identity Relationship Management (IRM).

Webinar Highlights:

· Evolve your customer-facing projects to account for IRM

· Prepare your identity platform for mobility 

· Leverage IRM agility to build security and customer intelligence 

Join ForgeRock’s VP of Innovation and Emerging Technology, Eve Maler and Forrester Consultant, Mark Brozek as they discuss key industry findings around IRM practices and requirements, customer-facing vs. employee-facing identities, and the opportunity to utilize IRM technologies to support your customer-facing IT initiatives.

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Mark Brozek
Consultant, Forrester