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Tuesday, June 25th 2:40 pm - 3:05 pm - Cabinet Room
PRESENTER: Ashley Stevenson, VP Product & Solution Marketing, ForgeRock & Eve Maler, Innovation & Emerging Technology Vice President, ForgeRock
As the World Turns: Real-World Identity Relationships Driving Data Decisions: A massive new identity system-of-systems is emerging. Billions of previously isolated devices and cloud-native microservices are joining this digital ecosystem to serve organizations and individuals. In the meantime, many relationships in the real world can change in an instant, from device/user pairings and unpairings to business contract formations to marriages and divorces. Business decisions need to be made in near-real-time about everything: not just authorized access but consented data sharing, customer relationship management, access delegation, and more. As real-world relationships change and information generation rises, a crisis of security, privacy, and trust has emerged. What’s missing in this new digital world? Tackling these business decisions with a new class of dynamic decision capabilities. For example, if an individual sets up sharing of a variety of health and fitness wearable data with her spouse, how can she, and the company managing her healthcare payment benefits, ensure that a divorce doesn’t leave any loose data ends dangling? It’s achievable with User-Managed Access (UMA) and Identity Relationship Management (IRM). Join this session to see firsthand how to enable more intelligent, secure, and privacy-respecting access decisions for all connected people, services, and things.

Thursday, June 27th 10:30 am - 11:20 am - Georgetown
PRESENTER: Eve Maler, Innovation & Emerging Technology Vice President, ForgeRock
A Protected Digital Identity for the Healthcare Sector: This panel of healthcare identity experts from public and private sector will debate some of the more problematic and thought-provoking identity challenges in our industry. Why does identity assurance and authentication seem to work better at banks and between financial institutions than at hospitals or between healthcare entities. Is the grass really greener on the other side and what can the healthcare sector learn from our identity colleagues in the financial sector? Person-to-Record & Record-to-Record matching – in healthcare this problem is addressed by collecting a common set of PII and using matching algorithms to find and create the links, do other industries do this? Why aren’t you in the room? Healthcare has an immediate need to solve for patient consumer identities spurred on by the federal TEFCA requirements and yet identity vendors and identity expertise are largely lacking.

Thursday, June 27th 5:35 pm - 6:00 pm - Ballroom
PRESENTER: Ashley Stevenson, VP Product & Solution Marketing, ForgeRock
ForgeRock Presents: Multiple Journeys, One Solution The ever expanding enterprise has Identity requirements for each constituency – it’s employees, it’s partner and ‘things.” Each use case poses it own set of challenges but a winning strategy exists – a single platform to support it all.

Friday, June 28th 8:30 am - 9:20 am - Ballroom
PRESENTER: Jake Feasel, Senior Staff Software Engineer, ForgeRock
ForgeRock Masterclass: The Easy (and Secure!) Way to Build JavaScript Web Apps with OAuth 2 & OIDC What are the best current practices for building modern, completely standards-based (OIDC) web applications? Which flow should you use? How should you renew expired access tokens? How do you work with multiple resource servers? How do you achieve single-sign on? How can you make logging into your app as seamless as possible? We will demonstrate how simple it is to do all of this using open source libraries maintained by ForgeRock. Together we will deep dive into what these libraries are doing for you behind the scenes: PKCE, service workers, IndexedDB storage, hidden iframes, and more. In the end you will have all the tools at your disposal to easily build your next modern web app with OIDC.

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