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The upcoming EU GDPR will have significant impact and businesses must rethink which PII they collect and how they will gain consent from their customers. Businesses are well-advised to thoroughly review these changes and prepare. Managing consumer identities consistently across all apps, portals, and services is essential. As these changes affect business models, they also lead to new opportunities to build tighter relationships with consumers.

Organizations must utilize identity platforms to provide the foundation for moving to a consistent management of consumer identities and customer relations. But how?

In this white paper, examine: 

  • The overarching impact of the EU GDPR
  • How EU GDPR will affect relations between businesses and consumers
  • The need for centralizing management of identities, privacy and access
  • The role of identity platforms such as ForgeRock Identity Platform


To learn more about how ForgeRock can help you better address shifting privacy concerns, visit our GDPR page.

KuppingerCole White Paper, The Effect of GDPR on Customer Relations Report No.: 73000
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