Customer relationships are precious. They can take years to build but can be lost in seconds due a breach of customer data or a frustrating user experience. With new regulations like the EU's General Data Protection (GDPR) ushering in a new era of increased data privacy, how can progressive digital organizations continue to strengthen customer relationships and build brand loyalty?

MyCustomer, in association with ForgeRock, polled 1,000 digital consumers in the U.K. to explore the connection between customer experience, trust, and personal data sharing. The report found:

  • Consumers demand seamless, personalized, omnichannel experiences
  • Customers want to manage how their personal data is shared and used
  • Trust is a critical factor when making data sharing decisions
  • GDPR is an opportunity to empower customers with control over their data
  • Identity relationship management is critical to improving customer experience and privacy


As organizations compete to deliver secure, trusted customer experiences that are informed by personal data, managing customer identities and their relationships is key. Download the report to learn more.

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