Organizations in all industries are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that the IoT offers. Connected devices have the ability to improve customer experience, drive cost reductions, and increase operational efficiency. A critical step when adding millions of new devices and billions of new relationships into digital ecosystems is selecting an IAM solution that can handle the complexity and scale of the IoT.

As recent hacks of connected cars and DDoS attacks powered by IoT botnets have shown, devices need identity and security too. However, traditional IAM platforms that are focused on internal, employee-centric use cases fail to meet the new requirements of the IoT.

The 12 requirements for an IoT ready IAM platform include:

  • Massive Scale
  • Continuous, Contextual Security
  • Easy Device Registration and Authorization
  • Adaptive Authentication
  • Privacy and Consent Tools
Is your IAM platform ready for the challenges and risks of that come with connected devices?

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According to Gartner, in 2020:

40% of IAM vendors will have to redesign their solution to work with IoT.

In 2020, Gartner believes:

More than 25% of attacks will involve IoT but the IoT will be less than 10% of security budgets.

Recent privacy survey found:

Only 9% of IT professionals believe data privacy tools are ready for digital economy.